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November 27, 2015
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November 28, 2015
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The Invention of History

The Abolitionists believed that niggers were as good as white men, and that they ought to be free and allowed to marry white women. They were always holding meetings and “resolving” and publishing articles to say that slaveholders were thieves; and some of them came down to stir the slaves to revolt, and to carry them off to Canada. At first people had tried mobbing them, and the Southern legislatures had put prices on the heads of the worst of them, but neither of these methods seemed to do any good. They had gone on just the same for fifteen years now, and had even gotten so bold as to send petitions to Congress, which had, of course, refused to receive them, — only a terrible old man, ex-President John Quincy Adams, who had been in Congress since nobody could remember when, kept making a disturbance about it and had actually carried his point a while ago. So things went from bad to worse, and naturally the people of the South got more and more angry.
MANASSAS, A Novel of the (Civil) War by Upton Sinclair, 1904, page 20

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Ken Zimmerman
Ken Zimmerman
Dr. Zimmerman retired in 2005 as Chief of Energy with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Public Utility Division (1985 – 2005), where he oversaw all general rate reviews, resource planning, and engineering/safety reviews of electric, natural gas, and water utilities in the State of Oklahoma. Dr. Zimmerman was Senior Utility Analyst with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (2005 – 2013). His primary responsibilities in that position were: natural gas price and demand forecasting; natural gas integrated resource planning; the flow through of natural gas costs to end-users by gas utilities; and analysis of the general structure and operation of the current, past, and future networks for energy exploration, production, and distribution (including energy markets). Currently Dr. Zimmerman is Principle Research Historian with The History Business, a private consultancy focused on figuring out today’s problems through historical studies. Prior to his work in energy utility regulation and consulting, Dr. Zimmerman was a legislative staffer, private consultant, and university professor. Dr. Zimmerman holds PhDs in Sociology/Anthropology and History from the University of North Texas and The University of Texas, respectively; an MA (Sociology and Psychology) from St. Mary’s University (TX); an MA from Lancaster University (UK) in Economics, Science, and Technology; and undergraduate degrees in History (BA), Mathematics (BS), American Literature (BA), and Philosophy (BA) from Baylor University. Dr. Zimmerman also holds a BSEE in electrical engineering from the University of Houston (TX) and is a certified professional engineer (PE) in Texas and Florida (certificates permanently inactive). Kenneth R. Zimmerman, Ph.D. Principle Research Historian The History Business 702.750.1450 (offc.) 503.559.9694 (cell)

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