Dr. Zimmerman was Senior Utility Analyst with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (2005 – 2013).  His primary responsibilities in that  position were:  natural gas price and demand forecasting; natural gas integrated resource planning; the flow through of natural gas costs to end-users by gas utilities; and analysis of the general structure and operation of the current, past, and future networks for energy exploration, production, and distribution (including energy markets). 

Currently Dr. Zimmerman is Principle Research Historian with The History Business, a private consultancy focused on figuring out today’s problems through historical studies, democratic polling, and focus groups.  Prior to his work in energy utility regulation and consulting, Dr. Zimmerman was a legislative staffer, psychologist, and teacher.  Dr. Zimmerman holds PhD in Sociology/Anthropology and History from the University of North Texas; MA (Sociology and Psychology) from St. Mary’s University (TX); MA from Lancaster University (UK) in Economics, Science, and Technology; and undergraduate degrees in History, Mathematics, American Literature, and Philosophy from Baylor University.